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We have a brand new THEME SONG!!!! Thanks so much to Dan Gross for taking the time to compose a wonderful Trading Movies theme. Check Dan out at http://www.dangrossmusic.com. He’s unreal.

Click Here to Listen to Episode 17

Here is a list of our grades from past episodes:


Henry V A-
The Hustler A-
On The Waterfront A-
Close Encounters Of The Third Kind A-
My Man Godfrey B+
Dangerous Liaisons B+
The Innocents B+
Casablanca B
The Color Purple B
Miracle On 34th Street B (7 candy canes)
The Accidental Tourist B-
Heart And Souls B-
A Streetcar Named Desire B-
Barton Fink C+
Another Year C+
Brazil C
Au Revoir Les Enfantes C
Burlesque D
Phantom Of The Paradise D-


Another Year A-
The Parent Trap(original) B+
Harriet The Spy B+
The River Wild B+
10 Things I Hate About You B
Heart And Souls B
My Girl B
The Muppet Christmas Carol B (7 candy canes)
White Oleander B
Burlesque B-
The Switch B-
Sister Act B-
The Parent Trap(remake) B-
Free Willy C+
The Wedding Singer C+
What About Bob? C
Blue Crush C
Hocus Pocus C
Phantom Of The Paradise C


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