Episode 9.5! MAGICAL MOVIE MOMENTS!   5 comments

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Per Phillip Mottaz, this week we are all discussing our favorite Magical Movie Moments! Magical Movie Moments are the moments in movies that stay with you even after the movie has finished.

It could be an epic reunion!


Or the simplicity of an actor moving his head a certain way.


Or it could be one of Craig’s….

Please tell us your favorite Magical Movie Moments!

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Posted January 22, 2011 by TradingMovies in Film

5 responses to “Episode 9.5! MAGICAL MOVIE MOMENTS!

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  1. There is the part in Josie and the Pussycats where rachel Leigh Cook is working under the hood of this pick up truck and she’s talking to this dude who is her love interest in the film. Well this part where he asks her about always wanting to say something important to someone else, but being afraid of what happens… and the magical moment is when rachel leigh cook, bites her lower lip and then says, “yeah”… oh man, I love that moment. I could honestly watch it over and over.

  2. My favorite “movie moment” from Sound of Music is when the Captain and Maria are singing “I Must’ve Done Something Good” in the gazebo just after professing their love to each other. They’re standing in silhouette and the Captain touches Maria’s nose with his index finger and they both chuckle. So sweet.

    And then one of my favorite “movie moments” of all time: Almost Famous. Penny Lane is defending the love that she and Russel have together. William responds by telling her Russel sold her to Humble Pie in a poker game for fifty bucks and a case of beer. The camera cuts to a shot of Kate Hudson standing profile in the sun. She looks down, wipes away a tear, pushes her hair back, looks at William, smirks and says, “What kind of beer?”. Then she laughs, wipes away another tear and looks at him like, “I’m a fool.”

    Maria – I’ve also always felt bad that Kevin didn’t get to dig in to his delicious Mac N Cheese.

  3. Here’s the clip from Almost Famous:

  4. Carla, this Almost Famous clip is another one of my favorite Magical Movie Moments. I always loved what she did with that line. We will have to do a Magical Movie Moments part 2 so we can share some more as well as share everyone else’s.

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