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Today was a very exciting day! We were mentioned in the U.S.S. Rock N Roll blog as a podcast to listen to. We got a synopsis and everything. Check it out!

Podcast Roundup
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Trading Movies. This’ll sound like a sitcom hook, but it fits: this is a relatable scenario. Two people — a 40-year-old movie snob and a 25-year-old fan of fun — realize they have very different tastes in movies and they swap favorites to expose one another to movies neither party has seen before. Improv warrior Craig Cackowski is the older guy in this set-up, as he pits some of his favorite films (such as “Brazil” and “Casablanca”) against the picks of fellow-yet-younger improviser Maria Blasucci (such as “The Wedding Singer” and “Harriet the Spy”). Once again, it’s enjoyable not just because these are entertaining people, but because the picks they make in movies and their reactions to one another’s opinions shows us a lot about their relationship. It’s only two episodes in, but I’m enjoying it quick a bit.



Posted November 4, 2010 by TradingMovies in Film

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