After a very long break, Trading Movies With Maria and Craig has returned!  And just in case you weren’t excited enough we have some awesome news! We now have state of the art microphones thanks to podcast superstar Matt Gourley of the Superego podcast! Now our voices sound smooth as silk.

Check out the Superego podcast on iTunes! And check out the handsome men in Superego at their website! http://www.gosuperego.com/

This week we bring to you our Romantic Comedy episode. Craig gives Maria the classic love story, When Harry Met Sally and Maria gives Craig the Sandra Bullock hit While You Were Sleeping!





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SISTERS!   Leave a comment

This week is our SISTERS episode. Craig and Maria watch two movies about sisters.

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Here is a picture of Amanda and her sister Sarah. And their mom is in the middle! Oh, sisters. Sisters are so crazy.

Check out Sarah’s blog! It’s awesome.

Oh Hai Vintage


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The Re-Watch Episode!   Leave a comment

This week’s show is a real treat! It’s the re-watch episode!

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Above are the scores from the films! The two movies this week just happen to have two of the best film scores! What a treat.

Email us and let us know what some of you favorite movie scores are!


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Episode 17!   Leave a comment


We have a brand new THEME SONG!!!! Thanks so much to Dan Gross for taking the time to compose a wonderful Trading Movies theme. Check Dan out at http://www.dangrossmusic.com. He’s unreal.

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Here is a list of our grades from past episodes:


Henry V A-
The Hustler A-
On The Waterfront A-
Close Encounters Of The Third Kind A-
My Man Godfrey B+
Dangerous Liaisons B+
The Innocents B+
Casablanca B
The Color Purple B
Miracle On 34th Street B (7 candy canes)
The Accidental Tourist B-
Heart And Souls B-
A Streetcar Named Desire B-
Barton Fink C+
Another Year C+
Brazil C
Au Revoir Les Enfantes C
Burlesque D
Phantom Of The Paradise D-


Another Year A-
The Parent Trap(original) B+
Harriet The Spy B+
The River Wild B+
10 Things I Hate About You B
Heart And Souls B
My Girl B
The Muppet Christmas Carol B (7 candy canes)
White Oleander B
Burlesque B-
The Switch B-
Sister Act B-
The Parent Trap(remake) B-
Free Willy C+
The Wedding Singer C+
What About Bob? C
Blue Crush C
Hocus Pocus C
Phantom Of The Paradise C

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Tis’ The Shakespeare Episode!   1 comment

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I know, you guys. It’s been way too long between Trading Movies episodes. But here it is at last! I must warn you, the sound quality of this episode is in the toilet so you just have to bear with us for this one. The microphone was on the wrong setting. But next week’s is going to sound so good you’ll be frightened!

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This week Maria and Craig dive into the world of the Romantic Comedy with two HILARIOUS movies. Maria gives Craig “The Switch” and Craig gives Maria “My Man Godfrey.” Can you imagine?!

For those of you who are leery of my affinity for “The Switch,” here is an article from Entertainment Weekly Magazine defending the movie as I have been trying to do for the last couple of months.

The Article

We are also working on an official theme song for the podcast that should be finished in a couple of weeks. We are hoping to start putting out the podcast on a more regular basis and on a set day and time. More information on that to come!

Please email us at TradingMovies@gmail.com.

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This week we have our two contest winners in the studio (Amanda’s couch) to talk about their favorite movie picks! Brandon Barrick talks about the Robert Downey Jr. film, “Heart and Souls” while Greg Castle discusses the cult classic “Phantom of the Paradise.”

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Don’t forget to email us your thoughts and comments at TradingMovies@gmail.com.












Thanks to Erin McGathy for making us our FIRST piece of fan art!

From the left-Maria, Amanda, Greg, Brandon and Craig.

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